An amazing man

I met Bill today in Salisbury, England at a train station waiting to go home on leave from the army. We ended up speaking to the very point we had to go our separate ways. He is a great guy and unique. The stories he told me had me in awe and left me amazed. Bill you are a fantastic character and it was a pleasure to have met you. Hopefully our paths cross again some day.
From: Christopher 'Rudey' Bowles


Epic Bill... true to his nickname

I too am an endurance athlete but a thimble size fraction ...of your epic performances!!! Love the motivation that you produce for me and countless others
From: George Tchakanakis


Thank you!

That was a lot of fun Bill! You are one tough cookie!
From: Karen Chequer-Pfeiffer - Two Time National Women’s Short-Course Triathlon Champion


Amazing Bill

Amazing! I had no Idea!
From: Rick Swanger


Absolutely Impressed

Even though I have heard about these epic events (ordeals) before, I was totally into your talk. So was everyone else!!! Super impressive!! The talk elevated the already epicness even more...!!!!
From: Dave Coulman


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Epic Bill inspires!


Epic Bill in action

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