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Ultraman World Championship

1st Day - 6.2 mile ocean swim followed by a 90 mile bike ride with 8,000 feet of climbing. ( The swim took over 4hrs. I had never swam that long before. Swells and currents were all new to me. I was never so happy to be on shore.) Time 10hrs and 58mins.

2nd Day - 170 mile bike ride with 9000 feet of climbing. ( Tough ride but all was well untill I broke my crank which holds your pedal, with 10 miles to go. I pedaled the last 10 miles with 1 leg. This was a first for me and the race. My left leg spasmed for hours after the ride) Time 10hrs and 30mins.

3rd Day - 52 mile run through lava fields.( Real Hot and Humid! I drank 1 water bottle every 15 mins during the 2nd half of run.) Time 11hrs and 3mins. Total time 32hrs and 41mins. Good for 23rd place Best athletes I have ever been around. Definately an Epic Event!


Pushing his mind and body to the limit!

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