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Top 8 Events

  1. Grand Canyon World Record Run -  Seven continuous rim to rim crossings of the Grand Canyon totaling 168 miles with 42,000' of climbing, High temperatures reached 114* degrees F.
  2. Quad-Badwater Ultramarathon - Ran 584 miles through Death Valley from Badwater to the Summit of Mt. Whitney twice! Became the oldest @ 57 years and 4th athlete to ever complete a quad.  Time to complete 21 days and 2 hours.

  3. Double Badwater Ultramarathon - Ran 292 miles through Death Valley, high temperatures reached 135* degrees F. (23rd person ever to complete)
  4. Race Across America Solo (RAAM) -  Biked 3,021 miles across America in 16 days. Considered the world's toughest bike race.
  5. The Susitna 100 - Ran 100 miles in Alaska while pulling 40 lbs of survival gear on sled.
  6. English Channel Swim - Swam a total of 20 miles with no wetsuit or breaks.
  7. Extreme Hawaii Triathlon - Swam 10 miles from Lanai to Maui, Biked 300 miles, and ran 120 miles on Maui. 
  8. Mt. Denali (Mt. McKinley), Alaska - Climbed to 14,000 ft. on the world's coldest mountain.


Aug 2015 - Bill Fully Prepared to Swim the English Channel



Past Events (Timeline)

October- November 2015 - Bill was a Top 25 Finalist on Fox's toughest competitive challenge show, American Grit. 16 competitors were chosen. 
August 2015 - Due to Mother Nature's roar, Bill was unable to get into the water for a chance at his 6th English Channel swim, and therefore had to postpone the attempt for a later time. Bill is scheduled to head back to England in 2018. Stay posted for schedule changes.
July 2014 - Bill attempted his 5th English Channel swim and was unfortunately pulled due to a storm that developed off the coast of France. He was 4 miles short of the coast and swam 20 miles with a time of 11 hours with no breaks.
January 2014 -  Bill went for his 5th attempt at the Arrowhead 135 Ultramarathon in International Falls, MN. Bill ended the race at mile 51 due to mechanical errors with his sled. Temperatures reached -50F creating the 2nd coldest year in race history. 

October 2013 - Hawaii's Extreme Triathlon, one of Bill's creations, he completed one of the most difficult triathlons ever created. The event consists of a 10 mile open ocean night swim between two of Hawaii's islands (Lanai & Maui), a 300 mile bike ride and a 120 mile run on Maui.

July 2013 - Completed the Vineman Ironman Distance Triathlon. This is the 8th Ironman distance triathlon he's completed.

May 2013 - Completed 7 continuous Rim to Rim crossings of the Grand Canyon for a New World Record. 167.5 miles, 42,000' of climbing, temperatures hit 114* degrees F. There were 2 to 3 heat related rescues while we were in the Canyon.

Jan 2013 - I took my 4th attempt at the Arrowhead 135 mile-run. It snowed for 14 straight hours, 10+ inches on snow were on the trail... Of the 43 starters on foot, only 7 would finished! For the runners like myself, it would be considered the worst conditions they ever had. Of the 7 finishers I was not one of them. My race would end after 54 miles and 26 hours of torture, 22 1/2 of which I pulled a 40 pound-sled. I was 6 hours behind the cut-off but I Showed Up & Suffered. Read more...

Oct 2012 - Ran two times across the Grand Canyon rim to rim. Temps rose to above 100f deg. 46 miles with 10,000' of climbing.

May 2012 - Climbed 11 days on Mt Denali in Alaska up to 14,000'. Temps would drop to -20f deg. Climb would end do to a severe case of Bronchitis.

Jan 2012 - I would take my 3rd attempt at the Arrowhead 135 mile Run. After 44 hours my race would end at 98 miles with blistered feet and severe trench foot that would cause my feet to out swell my shoes.

October 2011 - Ultimate Lake Tahoe Triathlon - 15mi Smim wind gusting to 30mph, 300mi bike over eight mountain passes, 100m run a course around Lake Tahoe. Completed in a snowstorm, 5 days, 16 hours.

July 2011 - Fourth attempt at English Channel ends after six miles due to rough water and an extremely strong tide.

Feb 2011 - Takes second attempt at Arrowhead 135 mile Run in Minnesota. Makes it to 73 mile cutoff 8 hours faster then previous year. Frost bitten fingers and extr1eme fatigue due to lack of sleep however end race. Temperatures at night dropped to minus 35 degf. Was on feet dragging sled for 28 of the 31 hours that he was on the course. 19 of the 44 runners who started race did not make it past the 35 mile check point. Only 18 runners completed race.

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English Channel, Bill's Incredible Journey - Video here...

Oct 2010 - Four days after second attempt takes third attempt at English Channel. While wearing a seasick patch swims 17 miles in 11 hours and 45 mins. Swim ends 4 miles short of France due to hypothermia.

Sep 2010 - Takes second attempt at English Channel. Swim ends after 4 1/2 hours and a total of 8 miles due to severe sea sickness.

Jul 2010 - Completes Double Badwater running 292 miles through Death Valley with Mount Whitney summit. Temperatures hit record setting 135 degf. Finished despite badly swollen feet and extensive blisters. Total time 7 days 22 hours. Becomes 24th person ever to finish Double Badwater.

Apr 2010 - Runs 199 miles from Calistoga to Santa Cruz. Swims under Golden Gate Bridge at 100 mile mark. Currents were so strong under Golden Gate do to full moon it would have normally been considered an unswimmable day. Completes run and swim in 3 days and 23 hours.

Feb 2010 - Competes in Arrowhead 135 run in Northern Minnesota. Runs 73 miles while pulling 40 lb sled for 39 hours through temps that dropped to minus 20 deg. at night. Race ended do to extreme hypothermia and missing cut off.

Sep 2009 - Swims 4 hours in a very rough English Channel ( Mt. Everest of swimming) Swim ends do to becoming violently ill.

Jul 2009 - Runs and completes 135 mile Badwater (Worlds Toughest Run) in Death Valley only 9 days after completing Solo RAAM. Temperatures up to 125 degf. Despite being Severely fatigued from RAAM was able to finish in 59 hours. After finishing race had excruciating leg cramps that lasted for 3 hours.

Jun 2009 - Completes Solo RAAM (World Toughest Bike Race) Biking 3000 miles from Oceanside Cal. to Annapolis Maryland in 16 1/2 days. On bike seat riding for 17 to 18 hours a day. Averaged 3 hours sleep a night. Over 100,000 feet of climbing, for four days heat index was over 107 degf.

Apr 2009 - Completes 250 Mile Run from Santa Cruz to Santa Rosa following a zig zag course in 4 days and 14 hrs. Was on feet moving 19 to 21 hours a day.

Feb 2009 - Completes second attempt at Susitna 100 mile run in Alaska while pulling a 40 lb sled in 54 hrs. It snowed for over 40 hrs of the race. Finished despite having extreme stomach problems.

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Oct 2008 - Completes Virginia Triple Ironman in 56 hrs and 39 mins. with 2 hrs and 15 mins of sleep. 31 competitors from 10 different countries compete in Double and Triple Ironman. Bill finishes in 8th place.

Aug 2008 - Completes Ultra Midwest 24 Hour Bike Race. Riding 376.5 miles with about 12,000 feet of climbing. Staying on the Bike seat for a total of 23 1/2 hours of the 24 hours with 0 sleep. Ends up taking 6th place.

July 2008- Completed Badwater 135 mile running race through Death Valley. Temperatures can get up to 135 degrees. Must complete the race in 60 hours. It is known as the World's Toughest Running Race.

June 2008- Completes the 2 man Race Across America (RAAM) Biking Relay from Oceanside, California to Annapolis, Maryland. This race is known as the Worlds Toughest Bicycle Race! 3,000 miles with over 100,000 feet of climbing and temperatures as high as 116 degrees and extreme headwinds. It takes 10 days and 16 hours. He gets an average of 3 hours of sleep a night.

2008- Completes the 199 Mile Relay running the race solo. He becomes the 2nd person ever to complete the run solo in the 15 year history of the race. It takes a brutal 78 hours to finish the run under minimal sleep conditions.

2008- Sustina 100 mile run in Alaska. He has to drag a 40 pound sled for 34 hours in blizzard conditions. He is forced to stop at the 68 mile mark because he is suffering from severe hypothermia. He is the only person from California to compete in the race.

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2007- Completes the Ultraman Triathalon World Championships, a three day triathalon in Hawaii. It includes a 6.2 mile ocean swim, 250 mile bike ride, and a 52 mile run. He is among the 29 athletes from 10 different countries to finish the race.

2007- Completes The Furnace Creek 508 bike race through Death Valley. The race is completed in 46 hours with only 1 1/2 hours of sleep. He was hallucinating and falling asleep while still riding his bike.

2007- Completes his first 100 mile run in 30 hours (The Marin Headlands)

2006- Bike Davis 200 Mile Bike Race.

2006- Runs Ruth Anderson 50 Mile (His first 50 miler)

2005- Has to file bankruptcy on his 17 store Bradley Video Chain(20 years after he had started it). He loses an estimated 5 million dollars in net worth which includes 5 buildings and 2 houses. His 2nd marriage also ends during this period. This is an extremely low point in his life. He starts doing epic events to rebuild his confidence and his life!

1996- Runs the 1st of the seven Ironman Triathalons that he has completed

1996- Runs the 1st of the six marathons that he has completed

1985- Starts Bradley Video - A successful chain of video stores

1978- Graduates high school - Ran for the San Marin track team

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