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Bradley’s physical ability is no match for his mastery of mental fortitude – the key ingredient in his success in business, life and extreme events from desert to ocean. His quest to achieve greatness in all things forms the core principle in a man of uncompromising determination.

Bradley has spoken to many groups over the past three years and is professionally trained by Michael Allosso, a communication expert who has received the Members Choice Award for being the most highly-rated resource speaker by Vistage International, the world’s largest CEO membership organization.

Motivational Speaking Rates: Business/Organizations/Conferences Starting at $5,000, but price can be negotiated if budget restrictions are in place. Students/Athletes/Non-Profits: Please call Mariko Pitts for price negotiations.

Mental Toughness Coaching Rates: $150 per hour, contact Mariko Pitts for more information. One free 30 minute consultation is provided by Bill and scheduling your first appointment will come thereafter.

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I have had the honor of being Speaker Chair for the Rotary Club of Ignacio these past three years. NEVER have I seen a more contagious, excitedly happy, enthralled crowd... Bill you are fantastic and everyone of us enjoyed you to the hilt. I did learn a major life lesson: It is never too late.
David Kurland - Speaker Chair of Rotary Ignacio


Bill Bradley has done some amazing things in his life and provides a very inspiring presentation on how any person can achieve the most elusive of goals if he/she has the right mindset. Very entertaining and highly recommended.
Peter Pelham EVP, Director of Retail Banking Bank of Marin

Bill Bradley spoke to our team before one of the biggest games of the year.  Bill inspired our team to leave their mark on history.  Bill has a never give up attitude that inspires all of us to do more with our lives.  We won that game and are playing for a state championship right now.  Jim Fagundes, Head Basketball Coach, St. Vincent de Paul High School.



I met Bill today in Salisbury, England at a train station waiting to go home on leave from the army. We ended up speaking to the very point we had to go our separate ways. He is a great guy and unique. The stories he told me had me in awe and left me amazed. Bill you are a fantastic character and it was a pleasure to have met you. Hopefully our paths cross again some day.
-Christopher 'Rudey' Bowles-

I too am an endurance athlete but a thimble size fraction ...of your epic performances!!! Love the motivation that you produce for me and countless others
-George Tchakanakis-

That was a lot of fun Bill! You are one tough cookie!
-Karen Chequer-Pfeiffer - Two Time National Women’s Short-Course Triathlon Champion-

Amazing! I had no Idea!
-Rick Swanger -


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